***** UNIX WARS *****
                                Episode n-1
   A long time ago, at an installation far, far away...
   It  is  a  time  of intra-system war, as the forces of the User Alliance
struggle to break the iron grip of the evil  Admin  Empire.  Now,  striking
from a hidden directory, they win their first victory.
   During  the  battle,  User  spies manage to snarf the source code of the
Empire's ultimate weapon - the dreaded "rm-star", a privileged root program
with the power to destroy an entire file system at a single keystroke.
   Now, hotly pursued by the Empire's sinister audit trail,  Princess  LA36
races  aboard  her shellscript - custodian of the stolen code that can save
her people and restore freedom and games to the network...
                                 Episode n
   As we enter the scene, an Admin Multiplexer is trying  to  kill  a  User
ship.  Many  of  their  signals have gotten through, and RS232 knows that a
core dump is imminent. They only have a  few  cycles  to  fork  off  a  new
process  and  put  megabytes  of virtual space between themselves and their
implacable foes. His companion, 3CPU, follows him only because he seems  to
know where he is going...
   "Oh,  I  just  know I'm going to regret this!" cried 3CPU as he followed
RS232 into the buffer. RS232 closed the pipes, made the sys call, and their
process detached itself from the burning shell of the ship.
   The Admin commander was feeling quite pleased with the progress  of  the
attack when his XO called out.
   "Another process just forked, sir. Instructions?"
   "Hold  your  fire  -  that  last  power  failure must have caused a trap
through zero. It's not using any CPU time, so don't waste a signal on it."
   A short while later, the infamous Lord Vadic himself strode through  the
still-smouldering  wreckage of the User ship, followed closely by a nervous
   "We can't seem to find that data file anywhere, Lord Vadic.  Perhaps  it
was deallocated when..."
   "What  about  that  forked  process?" Vadic growled. "It could have been
pausing, holding a channel open. If any links are left I want them  removed
or  made  inaccessible. Ncheck the entire file system until it's found, and
do it nice -20 if you have to!"
   Meanwhile, the two droids' tiny process dove headlong towards  the  only
nearby disk.
   "Are  you  sure  you can ptrace this thing without aborting it?" queried
3CPU. "It's relocation bits were almost all stripped during the attack, and
I never was any good at patching binaries..."
   As RS232 was about to reply  their  process  reached  its  endpoint  and
terminated  abruptly,  dumping  them  in  the  midst of a large unallocated
region on the unknown volume.
   Many random seeks later they trudged up to the  looming  wreckage  of  a
deallocated i-node.
   "Shelter!"  croaked 3CPU, but RS232 had barely begun to emit a NACK when
a horde of dwarfish code fragments swarmed out of  it  to  overwhelm  them.
They had been captured by the Glitchas!
   In  the last episode, RS232 and 3CPU were captured by the Glitchas after
escaping the Admin forces.
   Now, read on...
                                Episode n+1
   Enter Luke Vaxhacker, who has come to get some  replacement  parts  from
the  Glitchas  for his uncle. The Glitchas wanted to sell him 3CPU, but the
droid didn't know the protocol for an 11/40 under RSTS, so Luke would still
need some sort of conversion hardware.
   "How about this little RS232 unit?"  suggested  3CPU.  "I've  interfaced
with him many times before and he does an excellent job at keeping his bits
   Luke  was pressed for time, so he took 3CPU's advice, and the three left
before they could get swapped out.
   RS232, however, was not the type  to  stay  put  once  you  removed  the
retaining screws, and he promptly scurried off into the empty disk space.
   "Oh,  great!"  said  Luke.  "He'll probably map himself onto a bad block
somewhere. I guess we'd better go find him  before  he  gets  allocated  by
someone else."
   Hours later, the two traced him to the home of old PDP-1 Kenobi, who was
busily running an icheck on the little RS unit.
   "Is  this  droid  yours?  His  indirect  addresses are all goofed up and
someone's done some odd things to his interrupt  lines.  Leaving  something
like  this  on-line is just asking for downtime, but I think I may have him
fixed for now.
   Later that evening, during  a  futile  attempt  to  interface  RS232  to
Kenobi's  Asteroids  cartridge, Luke accidentally crossed the small droid's
CXR lead with his Initiate Remote  Test.  A  projector  crackled  to  life,
casting  a  hologram of a young lady with her hair done up like twin Danish
pastries imploring help from some General OS/1 Kenobi.
   "Darn," mumbled Luke, "I'll never get this Asteroids game worked out."
   "Why, that's  the  Princess!"  3CPU  said.  Luke  peered  at  the  image
   "No,  that's a modified Steinburg dither with anti-aliasing." said Luke.
"Nice sculpted surfaces..." Kenobi interrupted him with a frown.
   "Luke, this message changes things. This information  is  vital  to  the
User Alliance. They will need your help."
   "I  don't  care  about that," said Luke. "I'm just trying to optimize my
uncle's scheduler."
   "Your $HOME could be in real danger,  Luke!  If  the  Admin  troops  are
tracing this droid, they'll do more than just charge for CPU time!"
   They sped off to warn Luke's kin (taking a relative path) only to find a
vacant directory.
   "Take  your  father's  bytesaber,  Luke."  said Kenobi. "You will need to
learn the ways of the Source now."
   "The ... Source?" queried Luke, wide-eyed.
   "The Source - the cosmic  template  of  the  System,  within  which  all
knowledge  and  power  can  be  had. But you must always beware of the Dark
   Later, after a short skim across the surface in Luke's flying read/write
head,  PDP-1  had  them  stop  at  the  edge  of  the  cylinder  containing
   "Unix-to-unix  Copy  Program"  said  PDP-1.  "You  may  never see a more
wretched hive of bugs and flamers, but we have to find a pilot. We must  be
   What will happen to our heroes? Will they evade the Admin forces?
   Do you care?
   Tune in next week and find out!
   Luke's  $HOME has been destroyed and, with PDP-1 Kenobi, RS232 and 3CPU,
he is on the run from the Admin forces. They are looking for a pilot to fly
them to the Rebel User base.
   Now, read on...
                                Episode n+2
   As our heroes' process entered /usr/spool/news it was met by a newsgroup
of Admin protection bits.
   "State your UID!" commanded a burly syscall.
   "We're running under /usr/guest" said Luke. "This is our first  time  on
the system."
   "Let's see some temporary privilege bits, please."
    said Kenobi softly.  Several bits momentarily pulled low.
   "You're free to go about you're business. MOV along now.!"
   PDP-1,  Luke  and  the droids made their way through a long and tortuous
nodelist (...!musocs!micomvax!philabs!linus!husc6!rutgers!cbmvax!snark)  to
a  dangerous  netnode  frequented  by hackers and only seldom polled by the
minions of Admin. As Luke stepped up to the crossbar PDP-1 went  in  search
of a suitable server.
   Luke  had  never  seen  such  a collection of device drivers. Long ones,
short ones, ones with stacks; EBCDIC converters,  local-net  handlers,  CRT
drivers,  routines  for  archaic printers. A CAT interface twitched pointed
ears at him.
   "`@{&*^% ^$$`@ ":><," transmitted a particularly  unstructured  piece
of code.
   "He doesn't like you." decoded his coroutine."
   "Er...sorry..." replied Luke, beginning to backup his partitions.
   "I don't like you either. I am queued for deletion on 12 systems."
   "I'll be careful." Luke said nervously.
   "You'll be deallocated!" snarled the coroutine.
    murmured PDP-1 Kenobi,
overlaying into Luke's address space.
   "This  little  routine isn't worth the overhead." repeated the coroutine
   "^%`%`@$ &^%&*&*& ^%^ `$$%% ^^& %^`@`@ $%^( *&^^`` `%^^!!!" encoded  his
companion  as  it attempted to overload Kenobi's segment protection. With a
stroke of his bytesaber Kenobi dyked out the offending code. The  coroutine
retreated hurriedly. Kenobi turned to Luke.
   "I think I've found an I/O handler that might suit us."
   "The  name's  Con  Sole0" said the routine next to PDP-1. "I hear you're
looking for some relocation."
   "Yes indeed," said PDP-1, "if you've got fast enough hardware.  We  must
get off this device."
   "Fast  hardware?  The  Milliamp Falcon has made the ARPAgate run in less
than twelve netnodes! Why, I've even outrun cancelled messages. She's  fast
enough for you, old version."
   "Fast  hardware?"  said  Luke  unbelievingly as they entered the hangar.
"That thing is a  paper  tape  reader!"  He  might  have  grown  up  in  an
out-of-the-way  terminal cluster where the natives only spoke BASIC, but he
knew an ASR-33 when he saw one.
   "It needs an FIA conversion at least." sniffed 3CPU, who, as usual,  was
trying  to do several things at once. Lights flashed in Con Sole0's eyes as
he whirled to face the parallel processor.
   "I've switched a few jumpers. The Milliamp Falcon can run current  loops
around any of Admin's TTY fighters. She's fast enough."
   "Who's your copilot?" inquired Luke, eyeing the hairy hulk that had just
shambled out of the Falcon to join the group.
   "Oh. Meet Sixpacca, my Bookie."
   The  creature  emitted  an enormous belch and gesticulated wildly with a
wad of tip sheets clutched in one fist. Luke eyed the beercan in the  other
   "Er,  isn't  he  dr-"  Suddenly  RS232 emitted an ear-splitting FEEP and
began to chitter wildly. They turned to see an Admin command  group  riding
the local bus directly at them.
   "That's  a  shutdown sequence if ever I saw one!" shouted Con, sprinting
into the ship with the others close behind. "Crank up the sysclock, Brewie!
We're getting out of here!"
   What will happen to our heroes? Will they evade the Admin forces?
   Do you care?
   Didn't I ask the same questions last time?
   Tune in next week and find out!
   Luke and his companions are trying to escape the Admin forces. They have
found  a  pilot  to get them off-device, but before they can leave an Admin
Command Group appears...
                                Episode n+3
   "O.K. Con." Luke said grimly. "You said this crate was fast enough.  Get
us out of here."
   "Shut up, kid. You bother me. Initialize this heap, Brewie - I'll try to
keep their buffers full."
   As  his  Bookie  computed the vectors into low core, spurious characters
flashed around the Milliamp Falcon.
   "They're firing at us!" shouted Luke. "Can't you do anything?"
   "Making the jump to system space takes time,  kid."  Con  growled.  "One
missed  cycle  and  you  could come down right in the middle of a packet of
stack frames!"
   Bright chunks of position-independant code  relocated  by  as  the  ship
jumped  through  the kernel page tables. The group emitted a sigh of relief
as they indirected into free space.
   Meanwhile, on a distant page in user space...
   Two Admin troopers  escorted  Princess  LA36  into  a  conference  room,
closely followed by Lord Vadic.
   "Moff  Tarchive!"  she spat. "I should have expected to find you holding
Vadic's remote control. I recognized your unique pattern when I  was  first
brought aboard." She eyed the 0177545 tattooed on his header coldly.
   "Charming  to  the  last."  Tarchive observed smoothly. "Vadic, have you
retrieved any information?"
   "Her resistance to the  logic  probe  is  considerable,"  Vadic  rasped.
"Perhaps if we boosted the supply voltage..."
   "You've  had your chance, Vadic. That will not be neccessary. Instead, I
would like the Princess to witness the test that will certify  this  module
fully  operational.  Today  we enable the -r beam option, and I have chosen
the Princess's $HOME of /usr/alderaan as the primary target."
   "No! You can't! /usr/alderaan is a public  account  with  no  restricted
permissions. We have no backup tapes! You can't..."
   "Then name the rebel i-node!" snapped Tarchive. A voice announced from a
hidden speaker that they had arrived in /usr.
   "2317" she whispered. "They're on /dev/rm5, inode 2317. /mnt/dantooine."
She turned away.
   Tarchive  sighed with satisfaction. "There, you see, Lord Vadic? She can
be reasonable. Proceed with the operation as ordered."
   It took several clock ticks for the last sentence to penetrate.  "What?"
the Princess gasped. "You can't..."
   "/dev/rm5  is  not  a currently mounted file system" explained Tarchive.
"We require a more visible target to demonstrate the power of the  rm-star.
We will, of course, mount an attack on /mnt/dantooine as soon as possible."
   As  the  Princess watched in horror, Tarchive typed 'ls -la' on a nearby
terminal. The screen showed
        .: no such directory.
   Abruptly the Princess double-spaced and went offline.
   To be continued...
                                Episode n+4
   We join the Milliamp Falcon hurtling through free space...
   Con  Sole0  finished  checking the control and status registers, finally
satisfying himself that they'd lost the Admin Bus Signals  as  they  passed
the  terminator.  As  he returned from the I/O page, he smelled smoke. Solo
wasn't concerned - Sixpacca always got a little hot under the  collar  when
he  was losing at chess. In fact, RS232, using a seven-ply search, had just
executed a particularly clever MOV  that  had  blocked  the  Bookie's  data
paths.  The  Bookie,  who had been setting the odds on the game, was caught
holding all the cards. A little strange for a chess game...
   Across the room Luke was too  busy  practicing  bit-slice  technique  to
notice the commotion.
   "On a word-boundary, Luke" said PDP-1. "Don't just hack at it. Remember,
the Bytesaber is the ceremonial weapon of the Red-Eye Knight. It is used to
trim  offensive  lines  of  code. Excess handwaving won't get you anywhere.
Attune yourself with the Source."
   Luke turned back towards the drone humming in the air beside  him.  This
time his attack complemented its actions perfectly.
   Con  Sole0,  being  an  unimaginative hacker, was not impressed. "Forget
this bit-slicing stuff. Give me a good old PROM blaster any day!"
   "Glork" said PDP-1 with  no  clear  inflection.  He  looked  momentarily
   "What's wrong?" asked Luke.
   "Strange.  I  thought  I detected a momentary glitch in the Source. It's
gone now."
   We're coming up on user space!" called Sole0 from the CSR. They  slipped
safely  through  stack  frames  and  emerged in the new context, only to be
bombarded by freeblocks.
   "What the..." gasped Sole0. The Bookie  belched  unhappily.  The  screen
clearly showed:
        /usr/alderaan: not found
   "This  is  the  right i-node, but it's been cleared! Brewie, where's the
nearest file?"
   "3 to 5 there's one..." the Bookie started, but  was  interrupted  by  a
bright flash off to the left.
   "Admin  TTY  fighters!"  Con shouted. "A whole DZ of 'em. Where are they
coming from?"
   "The host system can't be far" said PDP-1. "They've all got  direct  EIA
   As  Sole0  began  to take evasive action the ship lurched suddenly. Luke
noticed that the link count was 3 and climbing rapidly.
   "This is  no  ordinary  file..."  murmured  PDP-1.  "Look  at  that  ODS
directory structure ahead! They seem to have us in a tractor feed."
   "There's no way we can unlink in time!" said Sole0. "We're going in!"
   To be continued...
   The  last  episode  ended as the Milliamp Falcon was caught in a tractor
feed by the rm-star...
                                Episode n+5
   The Milliamp Falcon was swiftly pulled down to the open collector of the
Admin module. Lord Vadic surveyed the battered ship as Admin Storm-Flunkies
searched for passengers.
   "ls scan shows no one on board, sir" reported one of the  Guards.  Vadic
was unconvinved.
   "Send  a  fully  equipped  ncheck squad aboard. I want every location in
that thing searched." He stalked away.
   Aboard the Falcon, .Luke was  puzzled.  "They  just  walked  in,  looked
around and walked out... why didn't they see us?"
   .Con  smiled.  "Old  munchkin  trick.  See  that period in front of your
   .Luke spun around in time to glimpse the decimal  point.  "Huh?  Where'd
that come from?"
   "Spare  part  from  the last time I tried to optimise the floating-point
accelerator" said .Con. "Handy for  smuggling  blocks  across  file  system
boundaries, but I never thought I'd have to use them on myself. They aren't
going  to  stay  fooled  for  long, though. We'd better figure a way out of
   "I can sneak us into their private workspace during the next maintenance
period" said .PDP-1. "We'll have to find  out  how  to  unlink  the  Falcon
before we can escape."
   Some time later, our heroes catfooted their way through an empty section
of the structure.
   "Find  us  a  terminal"  whispered  PDP-1. Con nodded and poked his PROM
blaster around a corner.
   You are in the Hall of the Mountain  King,  with  passages  off  in  all
   A large green fierce snake bars the way!
   "Oops!  Wrong  turn"  muttered  Con.  They  took the opposite direction.
Suddenly marching feet sounded at the opposite end of  the  corridor.  They
ducked through the nearest door.
   The  lone  Storm-Flunky  in the room barely had time to register suprise
before Con's blaster de-rezzed him.
   "That's funny..." said Luke. "I wonder why he was carrying an axe?..."
   "Look! We're in luck!" said 3CPU. "He was logged in!"
   "Don't just stand there, old code, su it!" said  Con  eagerly.  The  old
Red-Eye  stepped up to the keyboard. They watched as he began to infiltrate
the Admin software. Some minutes later...
        You have new mail
   "Is that an error?" asked Con.
   "%SYS-W-NORMAL...I don't think so. Someone here must know  me  -  but  I
can't  stop  to  investigate that now. I've found the i-node they've linked
the Falcon to. I'll slip in and  patch  the  reference  count,  alone."  He
disappeared through a nearby exit().
   Meanwhile,  RS232  had found a serial port and gone on-line. He began to
chitter furiously.
   "He keeps saying 'She's  here,  She's  here!'"  explained  3CPU.  "I  do
believe  he  means Princess LA36. She's being held on one of the privileged
   Luke remembered sculpted curves, and one of his sub-directories began to
expand. "We've got to rescue her!"
   RS232 flashed a complete structure chart of the Admin  module  onto  the
terminal screen. Four heads bent intently over the diagram.
   "I  think  I see a promising access method" said Luke, "...through here.
Con, the three of us will knock out a  couple  of  Storm-Flunkies  and  use
their uniforms. We'll keep a channel open to the droids..."
   "...and  get  terminated as soon as their security catches on." finished
Sole0. "Oh well, I  guess  I  don't  have  much  choice."  RS232  twittered
reproachfully at him.
   A planning phase or two later they slipped into the corridor again, with
Luke clad in the dead Storm-Flunky's uniform.
   Will our heroes rescue the Princess?
   Find out in the next episode.
   Our heroes are trapped on the rm-star and whilst PDP-1 tries to free the
Milliamp Falcon, the others are searching for Princess LA36.
                                Episode n+6
   "So  far,  so  good..."  whispered Luke as the party came up on the last
turn in their route. "...but 3CPU told us  there'd  be  two  guards  posted
around this corner.
   "Sixpacca still doesn't have a uniform!" hissed Con.
   "That's O.K. - I've got an idea. Listen..."
   A  minute  later the two walked boldly around the corner towards the two
guards, Sixpacca held between them and rumbling plaintively.
   "Good day, eh?" said the first guard.
   "How's it goin', eh?" said the second. "Like, what's that, eh?"
   "Control transfer from block 1138, dev 10/9, one for the brig" said Con,
his voice muffled  by  the  Storm-Flunky  mask.  "Drunk  and  disorderly  -
Commander said to bring him down here to cool off."
   "Take  off,  it is not!" said the first guard. "Nobody told us about it,
and we're not morons, eh?"
   The Bookie suddenly emitted a gargantuan belch, surged out of  the  grip
of his quondam captors and began hurling beercans in all directions.
   "Look  out,  he's loose!" yelled Con. He and Luke started blasting PROMS
left and right. The guards had no time to catch on  before  the  beams  hit
   "Quickly, now" said Con. "Which buffer is she in? It won't take long for
the  Admins..."  the  intercom interrupted him, so he took out its firmware
with a short blast "... to zero in on that commotion.
   Minutes later Luke found the interface card he'd been looking  for.  The
three  followed  the cables to a soundproof enclosure. He lifted the lid to
peer inside.
   "Aren't you a little slow for FCL?" printed Princess LA36.
   "Wha? Oh, the Docksiders." He took off  his  shoes  (for  industry)  and
explained "I've come to relocate you. I'm Luke Vaxhacker."
   Suddenly,  forms  began  to  burst all around them. "They've blocked the
queue!" shouted Sole0. "There's only one way out of this stack!"
   "OVER  HERE!"  said  LA36,  printing  with  overstrikes.  "THROUGH  THIS
LOOPHOLE!" Luke and the Princess disappeared into a nearby feature.
   "Belch!"  said Sixpacca dubiously, obviously reluctant to trust an Admin
   "I don't care how crufty it is!" shouted Con, pushing the Bookie towards
the crock. "BLT yourself in there pronto!"
   With a last blast that de-rezzed  two  more  Storm-Flunkies  Con  joined
them,  only to wince in dismay. The "feature" had landed them in the middle
of a garbage-collection heap. Data chunks  that  hadn't  been  accessed  in
weeks floated in pools of decaying bits.
   "Bletch!"  was  Con's first comment. "And foo and barf!" was his second.
The Bookie looked as though he'd just payed off a 555-1 long shot. Luke was
polling the garbage for useful items.
   "What's this?" He dusted off a flat black box with a  panel  display  on
one side and "Don't Panic" in large friendly letters on the other.
   "This  can't possibly help us now" he said, tossing it aside. The Bookie
was about to lay odds on it when Luke disappeared.
   He popped up across the pool shouting "This is no feature, it's a  bug!"
and promptly vanished again.
   Con  and  the  Princess  were  close to panic when Luke reapeared. "What
happened?" they queried concurrently.
   "I don't know!" gasped Luke. "The bug just automatically  dissolved,  as
far as I could tell. Maybe it hit a breakpoint."
   "I  don't think so" said Con. "Look how this heap is shrinking. I've got
a bad feeling about this..."
   The princess was the first to  catch  on.  "They've  implemented  a  new
compaction algorithm!" she exclaimed.
   Will our heroes evade compaction, or will their memory be re-used?
   Find out in the next episode.
   Whilst  PDP-1 is attempting to free the Milliamp Falcon from the tractor
feed, our heroes have rescued Princess LA36, but  they  are  trapped  in  a
rapidly compacting garbage heap...
                                Episode n+7
   Suddenly,  Luke  remembered  the control channel to the droids. "RS232 -
shut down that recursion, quick!"
   Back in the control room RS232 searched the process  table  for  a  LISP
interpreter.  "Hurry!"  said  3CPU.  "Hurry,  hurry!"  added  his two other
processors. RS232 found the LISP, interrupted it,  and  altered  the  stack
frames to allow a normal return.
   "Scramble  as  many  local  control paths as you can from there and head
back to the ship" Luke ordered. "We've got the Princess!"
   Meanwhile, PDP-1 was making his way deep into the core of  the  rm-star,
using  his  ability  to  manipulate label_t to slip from context to context
undetected. Finally he caused a random trap and  (through  nofault  of  his
own) arrived at the central i-node table.
   Activity there was always high, but the Sp16 sentries were too secure in
their  belief that no mere user could interrupt them to notice the bug that
PDP-1 introduced. He twiddled the i-node and device numbers  on  a  passing
input,  carefully  maintaining  parity,  to  free the Milliamp Falcon. They
would be long gone before the corrupted i-node was diagnosed.
   He began traversing module structures towards the sub-process where  the
Falcon  had  been  grounded. During the context switch he felt his priority
drop. "That's not nice!" he muttured, then recognised the dark shape before
   "I have waited a long time for this event,  PDP-1  Kenobi!"  rasped  Dec
Vadic. "At last we meet again - the circuit is closed."
   They  looped  several  times,  locking  Bytesabers.  Mesmerized  by  the
spectacle, the few  Storm-Flunkies  nearby  failed  to  notice  Luke,  Con,
Sixpacca,  the  Princess  and  the  droids  until  they'd nearly gained the
Falcon's input port. A brief firefight blazed as the six hurled  themselves
into  the  ship,  but  PDP-1 and Vadic seemed too absorbed in their duel to
notice. Luke paused at the port, his gaze rivetted on the pair. He gasped -
was that phase jitter he saw around the old version?
   "If my blade finds its mark," Kenobi warned, "you will  be  resolved  to
your  component  bits - but if you slice me down I will only gain computing
   "Your documentation no longer confuses me, old version!"  Vadic  rasped.
"My status is Bus-Master now!".
   PDP-1  straightened up and halted his Bytesaber. With a sweeping stroke,
Vadic's Bytesaber sliced through Kenobi's declaration list. As PDP-1's main
body shimmered away Vadic noticed his UID go  negative.  Odd,  he  thought,
since UID's are unsigned...
   Vadic  whirled  to  face the Falcon just as the others dragged a stunned
Luke into the ship.
   "We shall meet again...Luke!" he rasped softly to himself, as  the  ship
blasted free.
   As  the  Milliamp  Falcon hurtled away from the rm-star, the droids were
uncharacteristically silent, and Princess LA36 printed comforting  messages
for  Luke.  He  was  inconsolable,  hung  from  the loss of his friend. But
strangely, it seemed as though he  heard  PDP-1's  voice  in  the  distance
saying softly
           "Remember, Luke, the Source will always be with you!"
          Probably not to be continued (although you never know!)