..........yes of course I remember when the flower pot men used to be on I
used to sit in my pram and watch them all the time especially the weeeed and
flob-a-lob-a-lob-a-lob and all that and didn't you really love trumpton and
camberwick green I could never tell the difference between them except one
had a box at the beginning and the other had windy miller and then there was
everything with the train and the woman with her dogs and pew pew barley
mcgrew cuthbert dibble grubb but really the very best one of all was really
mr ben who used to go down the street to get his fix from the chap in the
fez and go on amazing trips in the little back room I bet his mantlepiece
was really full the producers must have been on drugs they all were then
weren't the seventies a great time one of my faves was mary mungo and midge
with the toy car and the mouse and going up and down in the lift but the one
I really loved when I was little was the clangers "ohohohohoh wwwooohh etc"
I remember the episode when the spaceman came down and got freaked out by
the soup dragon and the blue string it really used to terrify me I was
really really sad when the bbc stopped showing that and captain pugwash much
better than anything these days with master bates and seaman staines wow I
mean they really did have characters called that honest they did really but
absolutely no-one noticed at the time not even mary whitehouse but even lots
better and my bestest wow fab fave of all was the magic roundabout wow lsd
or what man with a shaggy dog called dougal eating magic sugar cubes and
then seeing pink spotted cows and that spaced out psychedelic rabbit on a
permanent high called dylan and zebedee boing boing booiing know what I mean
and bod and aunt flo and pc "bom bom bom bobobo bom bom bom etc" copper and
farmer barleymow and straight after that alberto frog and it was always
either sometimes the lions or maybe the monkeys who knew which milkshake he
wanted "er..um..I think I'll have a vanilla" I really really loved that what
about andy pandy and looby loo and her secret dances wow oo-er I mean what
she wanted was a good poking with andy's pork sausage like on pinky and
perky that wasn't a programme for vegetarians just the same as laaaarry the
lamb sheep shaggers or what but I never ever not never ever missed finger
mouse not ever with the bird what was his name I can't remember it oh..er..
.um... he looked like this (flap with hands in brackets) er..oh.. it was
gulliver yeah wow that's it and the first man who did that with the beard
was much betterer than the other one just like on pipkins with hartley hare
I never liked the nigger who did that show later do you remember that "it's
time ... tick tock clang tick tock ding tick dong tock.... etc" and the fat
pig and everything and big octavia the ostrich and the boring tortoise I
really hated him and then there was tufty if they were so good at crossing
the road why do they always get splatted on motorways um.. um.. er.. do you
remember this .. it's friday it's five to five and it's ... yes that's right
.. it's crackerjack that was really infinitely really better than it is now
and I know someone who's got a crackerjack pen and it had that really good
don maclean didn't he do that song american pie and ed stewpot I remember
him on the radio yeah and what about that programme with michael bentine
that was so funny and .. blah blah blah hectors house blah blah rhubarb blah
wow freaky eh herb garden blah blah blah john noakes and peter pervert and
lesley judd with shep but do you remember valerie singleton before that I
really used to really fancy her when I was little blah blah blah joe 90 blah
blah blah sooty and sweep blah blah blaah zzz blah blaaah zzzzzzzzz blah zzz
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...zzzzzz  ....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz  zzzzzz  zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz ..z
zzzzzzzz zzzzzz  zzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz zz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......
.....we must talk about this more often...................