Hey! didnt we have the good sense to say "F**K YOU" to kings
in the latter part of the 1700's??
these neutral (which means they dont know who to support)
fools still have one..
hence the nuke sweden motto "KINGS.....just say no!"
More on kings from Uncle Neutron..
heh heh heh
Uncle neutron here speaking on behalf of kings...
The old statement of "who died and made you king?"
has a simple answer.. My dad! If you are a king (like my dad
who every time he got angry shouted "In this house im king, and
come here son, ill crown you!!!!") you get the throne from your
parent.. This means (in laymans terms) that all kings have
had angry parents.. This is from Ruling, ruling applies (broadly_
to controlling (ruthlessly) anything from a small domicile to a large nation.
Ruling makes one so cross that they decide to pass on the throne
temporarily to their children... Although they crown you king repeatedly
you never seem to get to keep the title. as a youngster after my
Dad "crowned" me. I got wise to this action and said then If im crowned
I must be king... I then began giving him orders,
however He didnt follow them and began crowning me again..
I realized my  folley, Although i was crowned king, my
father  seized control mere seconds later...thus he could crown me
repeatedly, still wasnt it nice of him to share his power over the
house with his son? What an honor to be crowned...
And just why do kings name themselves with roman numerals???
like take SWEDEN for example.... KIng CARL (thats his real name)
GUSTAF XIV... That (i think) means there were 14 kings, all with
the same stupid first name... Think about it. Either they liked the
name carl over there (they do have carlsburg beer, and its under suspicion as
one of the causes) Or!! it took that many Carls to get it right...
OR worse. They could have made 14 Carl clones from a single Carl cell
and made each one better as time went by.  Since the swedish are so stupid,
(Did they **REALLY*** think a guy with a hammer made lightning??)
One can only speculate about such actions...
Maybe Carl can make lightening? it would explain why there have been
14 of them. Hmm.. A whole nation of Carl worshippers..
More on King Carl:
CArl must be as stupid as his countrymen. Since the entire country
is neutral.. Neutral means that they have no allies, and pick no sides.
***Is that because they have no friends?? Isnt anyone willing to
be their friends? or is it that they cant make up their minds because
of their stupidity?? I trace it back to when they rode on long boats
wore animal skins, and killed things for Odin.. Why did they kill things
for someone who didnt exist? Thinking about this fact (in hindsight)
we indeed know that Odin never existed in true life. So...why were they
killing in the name of odin? Quite simple... King Karl the Original
was probably calling the shots. Only he (or another Carl) would be so
dumb as to worship something that stupid.
In conclusion: 1) never trust anyone named Carl or anyone
                  with a roman number in their name.
               2) worship rocks they  are real
               3) dont be neutral, you can kill more people with allies.
               4) Just because you are crowned doesnt mean you are king.
               5) the problem may be carlsburg beer so dont drink it.
                  carl XV (the fifteenth and the reigning carl's son)
                  may be responsible for making it.
               6) lightning is not caused by  a man named thor and a hammer.
                  Its god farting!
               7) Dont SUpport Carl cloning expiriments and stop the Carl
                  reign of terror.
               8) support the movement to send (free of charge) VIA the
                  United nations, free baby naming kits to newborn parents
                  families.. Dont let this carl syndrome happen again..
                  with your help, it could be prevented.
               9) donate to the Down with king society
                                14 carl blvd.
                                14 carl building
                                carlville, carl province
                                sweden (owned and ruled by carl)
              10) read this story if you cheated.