Diary of a Superhero

 Rough weekend woke up with my underwear outside my trousers again.
  "golly ge Batman my head hurts"
 that was Robin, God I hate him.
 "pow" oh dear Robin has just fell down.
  God I fell better already.
 Nothing like hitting a prat to wake youself up.

Took the batphone of the hook, went back to bed, dreamed of Wonderwoman again.

Found out I had wrapped the BatMobile round a tree on Sunday.
Haveing to use a Hertz Hire Car ,
It's not the same...........
While sliding down the pole in the batcave I burn my balls.
Having to cancle date with Wonderwoman.
I am pissed
Robin fell down again... poor shit.

Balls ok now.
But Wonderwoman is off fighting crime, she takes this too serious.
BatMobile is still in the shop, Hertz car round some tree some where.

The Joker tried to rob the city bank, Kick him in the nuts "crunsh" and Robin
for good measure (gormless shit).

Wonderwoman is seeing the invisble man behind my back.
I would kick him in the nuts if I knew where to kick.
Although Robin makes good pratice.

Went out on the piss.
met Wonder Woman.......
God she does some strange things with that rope of her's.

Chief not too pleased with me or with Robin's very high voice.
Kick the both of them in the nuts.
Phoned Wonderwoman, bought some chains, whips, handcuffs, etc
Kick Robin in the nuts as I left (prat).
                         And thus end a week in the life of BatMan.

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Pete Bevin, pete@petebevin.com