Ok, enough of the elephant/lightbulb/lada/dog/pig/mouse/fat-lady jokes...
Its time for something funny >>----> The "She was only..." jokes :-

She was only the captains daughter
but her naval base was full of seamen

She was only a pilots daughter
but she kept her cockpit clean

She was only a road layers daughter
but she liked her asphalt

She was only a farmers daughter
but she'd lie under any old sod

She was only an undertakers daughter
but she'd always bury a stiff

She was only a fishmongers daughter
but she'd jump on the slab and say "fillet"

She was only an oars-mans daughter
but she liked a fine pair of row-locks

She was only the batsman's daughter
but she could take a full toss in her crease.

She was only the cricket umpire's daughter
but her crease was fit for Lords.

She was only the publican's daughter
but she pulled the wrong knob and got stout.

She was only the carpet layer's daughter
but she liked her underfelt.

She was only the welder's daughter
but she had acetylene tits.

She was only the corporal's daughter
but she knew what regiment.

She was only the Communist's daughter
but everyone got his fair share.

She was only the telegraphers daughter
but she didit, didit, didit...