By Knappy 8350428 @ UWAVM

     AAC           Alter All Commands
     AAD           Alter All Data
     AAO           Add And Overflow
     AAR           Alter At Random
     AB            Add Backwards
     ABR           Add Beyond Range
     ACC           Advance CPU clock
     ACQT          Advance Clock to Quitting Time
     ADB           Another Damn Bug [UNIX]
     AEE           Absolve engineering errors
     AFF           Add Fudge Factor
     AFHB          Align Fullword on Halfword Boundary
     AFP           Abnormalized Floating Point
     AFVC          Add Finagle's Variable Constant  "the constant
                      that must be added to make your data support
                      your conclusions"
     AGB           Add GarBage
     AI            Add Improper
     AIB           Attack Innocent Bystander
     AMM           Answer My Mail
     AOI           Annoy Operator Immediate
     AR            Alter Reality
     ARNZ          Add & Reset to Non-Zero
     ARZ           Add & Reset to Zero
     AS            Add Sideways
     AT            Accumulate Trivia
     AWP           Argue With Programmer
     AWTT          Assemble With Tinker Toys
     BAC           Branch to Alpha Centauri
     BAF           Blow All Fuses
     BAH           Branch And Hang
     BALC          Branch And Link Cheeseburger
     BAW           Bells And Whistles
     BB            Branch on bug
     BBB           Burn Baby Burn
     BBBB          Byte Baudy Bit and Branch
     BBI           Branch on Blinking Indicator
     BBL           Branch on Burned-out Lamp
     BCB           Burp and Clear Bytes
     BCBF          Branch on Chip Box Full
     BCIL          Branch Creating Infinite Loop
     BCR           Backspace Card Reader
     BCU           Be Cruel and Unusual
     BD            Backspace Disk
     BDC           Break Down and Cry
     BDM           Branch and Disconnect Memory
     BDT           Branch on Dumb Terminal
     BDT           Burn Data Tree [next opcode after Decorate Data
     BDU           Branch on Dumb User
     BE            Branch Everywhere [As in HHGttG's Infinite
                      Improbability Computer"
     BF            Belch Fire
     BH            Branch and Hang
     BIRM          Branch on Index Register Missing
     BLC           Branch and Loop Continuous
     BLM           Branch, Like, Maybe
     BLMWM         Branch, Like, Maybe, Wow, Man
     BLR           Branch and Lose Return
     BM            Branch Maybe
     BMI           Branch on Missing Index
     BNA           Branch to Nonexistent Address
     BNR           Branch for No Reason
     BOA           Branch on Operator Absent
     BOD           Branch on Operator Desperate
     BOHP          Bribe Operator for Higher Priority
     BOP           Boot OPerator
     BPD           Branch on Programmer Debugging
     BPIM          Bury Programmer In Manuals
     BPO           Branch on Power Off
     BR            Byte and Run
     BRA           BRanch Anywhere
     BRA           Branch to Random Address
     BRI           BRanch Indefinitely
     BRO           BRanch to Oblivion
     BRP           Branch on Real Programmer
     BRT           BRanch on Tuesdays
     BSC           Burst Selector Channel
     BSM           Branch and Scramble Memory
     BSO           Branch on Sleepy Operator
     BSP           BackSpace Printer
     BST           Backspace & Stretch Tape
     BTD           Byte The Dust
     BTJ           Branch & Turn Japanese
     BTO           Branch To Oblivion
     BW            Branch on Whim
     BWABL         Bells, Whistles And Blinking Lights
     BWOP          BeWilder OPerator
     CAF           Convert Ascii to Farsic
     CAI           Corrupt Accounting Information
     CAIL          Crash After I Leave
     CAT           Confused And Tired [UNIX]
     CBA           Compare & Branch Anyway
     CBNC          Close, But No Cigar
     CBS           Clobber BootStrap
     CC            Call Calvary
     CC            Crappy Control [UNIX]
     CCB           Consult Crystal Ball
     CCCP          Conceal Condition-Codes Permanently
     CCD           Choke, Cough and Die
     CCD           Clear Current Directory "this may really exist!"
     CCD           Clear Core and Dump
     CCR           Change Channels Random
     CCS           Chinese Character Set
     CCWR          Change Color of Write Ring
     CDR           Complement Disk Randomly
     CFS           Corrupt File Structure
     CG            Convert to Garbage
     CH            Create Havoc
     CHAPMR        CHAse Pointers Around Machine Room
     CIB           Change Important Byte
     CIMM          Create Imaginary Memory Map
     CM            Circulate memory
     CMD           CPU Melt Down
     CMD           Compare Meaningless Data
     CMI           Clobber Monitor Immediately
     CML           Compute Meaning of Life (42)
     CMP           Create Memory Prosthesis
     CMS           Click MicroSwitch
     CN            Compare Nonsensically
     CNB           Cause Nervous Breakdown
     COLB          Crash for Operator's Lunch Break
     COMF          COMe From
     COS           Copy Object Code to Source File
     COWHU         Come Out With your Hands Up
     CP%FKM        CPU - Flakeout mode
     CP%WM         CPU - Weird Mode
     CPB           Create Program Bug
     CPR           Compliment PRogrammer ("Aren't you cute!")
     CPSN          Change Processor Serial Number
     CRASH         Continue Running after Stop or Halt
     CRM           Clear Random Memory
     CRN           Convert to Roman Numerals [IBM Italy only]
     CRYPT         reCuRsive encrYPt Tape mnemonic [UNIX]
     CS            Crash System
     CSL           Curse and Swear Loudly
     CSN           Call Supervisor Names
     CSNIO         Crash System on Next I/O
     CSU           Call Self Unconditional  " the ultimate in
                      recursive programming"
     CSYS          Crash SYStem
     CTDMR         Change Tape Density, Mid Record
     CUC           Cheat Until Caught
     CVFL          Convert Floating to Logical
     CVFP          ConVert FORTRAN to PASCAL
     CVG           ConVert to Garbage
     CVU           ConVert to Unary
     CWAH          Create Woman And Hold
     CWDC          Cut Wires and Drop Cores
     DA            Develop Amnesia
     DAP           De-select Active Peripheral
     DAUF          Delete All Useless Files "would YOU trust a
                      computer that far ???"
     DBL           Desegregate Bus Lines
     DBR           Debase Register
     DBZ           Divide By Zero
     DC            Degauss Core
     DC            Divide and Conquer
     DCAD          Dump Core And Die
     DCD           Drop Cards Double
     DCGC          Dump Confusing Garbage to Console
     DCI           Disk Crash Immediate
     DCON          Disable CONsole
     DCT           Drop Cards Triple
     DCWPDGD       Drink Coffee, Write Program, Debug, Get Drunk
     DD            Destroy Disk
     DDC           Daily During Calculations
     DDOA          Drop Dead On Answer
     DDS           Delaminate Disk Surface
     DEB           Disk Eject Both
     DEC           Decompile Executable Code
     DEI           Disk Eject Immediate
     DEM           Disk Eject Memory
     DES           Disk Eject Swapped
     DHTPL         Disk Head Three Point Landing
     DIA           Develop Ineffective Address
     DIIL          Disable Interrupts and enter Infinite Loop
     DIRFW         Do It Right For Once
     DISC          DISmount CPU
     DJ            Deferred Jump
     DK            Destroy Klingons
     DK%WMM        Disk Unit - Washing Machine Mode
     DKP           Disavow Knowledge of Programmer
     DLN           Don't Look Now...
     DLP           Drain Literal Pool
     DMPE          Decide to Major in Physical Education
     DMPK          Destroy Memory Protect Key
     DO            Divide & Overflow
     DOC           Drive Operator Crazy
     DPC           Decrement Program Counter
     DPMI          Declare Programmer Mentally Incompetent
     DPR           Destroy Program
     DPS           Disable Power Supply
     DRAF          DRAw Flowchart
     DRI           Disable Random Interrupt
     DRT           Disconnect Random Terminal
     DS            Deadlock System
     DSH           Destroy Sector Header
     DSI           Do Something Interesting
     DSPK          Destroy Storage Protect Key
     DSR           Detonate Status Register
     DSTD          Do Something Totally Different
     DSUIT         Do Something Utterly, Indescribably Terrible
     DT%FFP        DecTape - unload and Flappa-FlaP
     DT%SHO        DecTape - Spin Hubs Opposite
     DTC           Destroy This Command
     DTI           Do The Impossible
     DTRT          Do The Right Thing
     DTVFL         Destroy Third Variable From Left
     DU            Dump User
     DUD           Do Until Dead
     DVC           Devaluate Computer
     DW            Destroy Work
     DW            Destroy World
     DWIM          Do What I Mean
     DWIT          Do What I'm Thinking
     DWL           Define Word Length
     DWLZ          Define Word Length Zero
     EBRS          Emit Burnt Resistor Smell
     EC            Eat card
     EC            Eject Carriage
     ECI           Execute Current Instruction
     ECL           Early Care Lace
     ECO           Electrocute Computer Operator
     ECP           Erase Card Punch
     ED            Eject Disk
     ED            Execute Data [UNIX]
     EDD           Eat Disk and Die
     EDIT          Erase Data and Increment Time
     EDR           Execute Destructive Read
     EDS           Execute Data Segment
     EEP           Erase Entire Program
     EFD           Eject Floppy Disk
     EIAO          Execute In Any Order
     EIO           Erase I/O page
     EIOC          Execute Invalid OpCode
     EIP           Execute Programmer Immediately
     EJD%V         EJect Disk with initial velocity V
     ELP           Enter Loop Permanently
     EM            Emulate 407
     EM            Evacuate Memory
     EMSL          Entire Memory Shift Left
     EMT           Electrocute Maintenance Technician
     EMW           Emulate Matag washer
     ENF           Emit Noxious Fumes
     ENH           Execute No-op & Hang
     EO            Execute Operator
     EOI           Execute Operator Immediate
     EP            Execute Programmer
     EPI           Execute Programmer Immediate
     EPP           Eject Printer Paper
     EPS           Electrostatic Print and Smear
     EPS           Execute Program Sideways
     EPT           Erase Process Table
     EPT           Erase Punched Tape
     ERI           Execute Random Instruction
     ERIC          Eject Random Integrated Circuit
     EROS          Erase Read Only Storage "Sounds  like an IBM
     ESB           Eject Selectric Ball "from  IBM  selectric
                      typewriter  terminals"
     ESL           Exceed Speed of Light
     ETI           Execute This Instruction [for recursive programs"
     ETM           Emulate Turing Machine
     EVC           Execute Verbal Commands
     EWD           Execute Warp Drive
     EXX           A real instruction on the Zilog Z-80 -Zilog is
    FB            Find Bugs
    FCJ           Feed Card and Jam
    FDR           Fill Disk Randomly
    FFF           Form Feed Forever
    FLD           FLing Disc
    FLI           Flash Lights Impressively
    FM            Forget Memory
    FMP           Finish My Program
    FOPC          [Set] False Out-of-paper Condition
    FPC           Feed Paper Continuously
    FPT           Fire Photon Torpedoes
    FRG           Fill with Random Garbage
    FSM           Fold, Spindle and Mutilate
    FSRA          Forms Skip & Run Away
    GBB           Go to Back of Bus
    GCAR          Get Correct Answer Regardless
    GDP           Grin Defiantly at Programmer
    GDR           Grab Degree and Run
    GENT          GENerate Thesis
    GESE          Generate Exciting Sound Effects
    GEW{JO}       Go to the End of the World {Jump Off}
    GID           Generate Input Device
    GIE           Generate Irreversible Error
    GLC           Generate Lewd Comment
    GMC           Generate Machine Check
    GMCC          Generate Machine Check and Cash
    GND           Guess at Next Digit
    GOD           Generate Output Device
    GORS          GO Real Slow
    GRAB          Generate Random Address & Branch
    GREM          Generate Random Error Message
    GREP          Global Ruin, Expiration and Purgation [UNIX]
    GRMC          Generate Rubber Machine Check
    GS            Get Strange [ randomly  inverts  bits being fed to the
                   instruction decoder"
    GSB           Gulp and Store Bytes
    GSI           Generate Spurious Interrupts
    GSU           Geometric Shift Up
    HAH           Halt And Hang
    HCF           Halt & Catch Fire
    HCP           Hide Central Processor [ makes virtual CPU's act  like
                   virtual memories"
    HCRS          Hang in Critical Section
    HDO           Halt and Disable Operator
    HDRW          Halt and Display Random Word
    HELP          Type "No help available"
    HF            Hide a File
    HGD           Halt, Get Drunk
    HHB           Halt and Hang Bus
    HIS           Halt in Impossible State
    HOO           Hide Operator's Output
    HRPR          Hang up and Ruin Printer Ribbon
    HUAL          Halt Until After Lunch
    IA            Illogical And
    IAI           Inquire and ignore
    IAND          Illogical And
    IBR           Insert Bugs at Random
    ICB           Interrupt, crash and burn
    ICM           Immerse Central Memory
    ICMD          Initiate Core Melt-Down
    ICSP          Invert CRT Screen Picture
    IDC           Initiate Destruct Command
    IDI           Invoke Divine Intervention
    IDPS          Ignore Disk Protect Switch
    IEOF          Ignore End Of File
    IF            Invoke Force
    IGI           Increment Grade Immediately
    IGIT          Increment Grade Immediately Twice
    II            Inquire and Ignore
    IIB           Ignore Inquiry & Branch
    IIC           Insert Invisible Characters
    IIL           Irreversable Infinite Loop
    IM            Imagine Memory
    IMPG          IMPress Girlfriend
    INCAM         INCrement Arbitrary Memory location
    INOP          Indirect No-op
    IO            Illogical Or
    IOI           Ignore Operator's Instruction
    IOP           Interrupt processor, Order Pizza
    IOR           Illogical OR
    IP            Increment and Pray
    IPS           Incinerate Power Supply
    IPS           Increment Processor Status
    IPT           Ignite Paper Tape
    IRB           Invert Record & Branch
    IRB           Invert Record and Branch
    IRC           Insert Random Commands
    IRE           Insert Random Errors
    IRPF          Infinite Recursive Page Fault
    ISC           Ignore Supervisor Calls
    ISC           Insert Sarcastic Comments
    ISI           Ignore Silly Instructions
    ISI           Increment and Skip on Infinity
    ISP           Increment and Skip on Pi
    ITML          Initiate Termites into Macro Library
    IU            Ignore User
    JAA           Jump Almost Always
    JFM           Jump on Full Moon
    JHRB          Jump to H&R Block
    JIL           Jump In Lake
    JM            Jump Maybe
    JMAT          JuMp on Alternate Thursdays
    JNL           Jump when programmer is Not Looking
    JOM           Jump Over Moon
    JRAN          Jump RANdom [ not to be confused with  IRAN  -  Idiots
    JRCF          Jump Relative and Catch Fire
    JRGA          Jump Relative and Get Arrested
    JRN           Jump RaNdom
    JRSR          Jump to Random Subroutine
    JT            Jump if Tuesday
    JTR           Jump To Register
    JTZ           Jump to Twilight Zone
    JUMP          don't JUMP
    JWN           Jump When Necessary
    KCE           Kill Consultant on Error
    KUD           Kill User's Data
    LAGW          Load And Go Wrong
    LAP           Laugh At Program(mer)
    LBTPS         Let's Blow This Popsicle Stand (Context switch)
    LCC           Load & Clear Core
    LCD           Load and Clear Disk
    LCK           Lock Console Keyswitch
    LEB           Link Edit Backwards
    LIA           Load Ineffective Address
    LMB           Lose Message & Branch
    LMO           Load and Mug Operator
    LMYB          Logical MaYBe
    LN            Lose inode Number [UNIX]
    LOSM          Log Off System Manager
    LP%PAS        Line Printer - Print And Smear
    LP%RDD        Line Printer - Reverse Drum Direction
    LP%TCR        Line Printer - Tangle and Chew Ribbon
    LPA           Lead Programmer Astray
    LRD           Load Random Data
    LSBL          Lose Super BLock [UNIX only]
    LSPSW         Load and scrample PSW
    LWM           Load Write-only Memory
    MAB           Melt Address Bus
    MAN           Make Animal Noises
    MAZ           Multiply Answer by Zero
    MBC           Make Batch Confetti
    MBH           Memory Bank Hold-up
    MBTD          Mount Beatles on Tape Drive
    MBTOL         Move Bugs to Operator's Lunch
    MC            Move Continuous
    MD            Move Devious
    MDB           Move & Drop Bits
    MDDHAF        Make Disk Drive Hop Across Floor
    MLP           Multiply and Lose Precision
    MLR           Move & Loose Record
    MLSB          Memory Left Shift & Branch
    MMLG          Make Me Look Good
    MNI           Misread Next Instruction
    MOP           Modify Operator's Personality
    MOU           MOunt User [causes computer to screw you once again]
    MOVC          Move Computer
    MPLP          Make Pretty Light Pattern
    MSGD          Make Screen Go Dim
    MSIP          Make Sure Plugged In
    MSR           Melt Special Register
    MST           Mount Scotch Tape
    MT%HRDV       MagTape - High speed Rewind and Drop Vacuum
    MTI           Make Tape Invalid
    MW            Malfunction Whatever
    MWC           Move & Wrap Core
    MWT           Malfunction Without Telling
    NEGP          NEGate Programmer
    NTGH          Not Tonight, I've Got a Headache
    OCF           Open Circular File
    OH            OverHeat
    OML           Obey Murphy's Law
    OPP           Order Pizza for Programmer
    OSI           Overflow Stack Indefinitely
    OTL           Out To Lunch
    PADZ          Pack Alpha & Drop Zones
    PAS           Print And Smear
    PAUD          PAUse Dramatically
    PAZ           Pack Alpha Zone
    PBC           Print & Break Chain
    PBD           Print and Break Drum
    PBM           Pop Bubble Memory
    PBPBPBP       Place Backup in Plain Brown  Paper  Bag, Please " for
                   stealing code"
    PBST          Play Batch mode Star Trek
    PCI           Pleat Cards Immediate
    PCR           Print and Cut Ribbon
    PD            Punch Disk
    PEHC          Punch Extra Holes in Cards
    PFE           Print Floating Eye [Roguers look out!]
    PFML          Print Four Million Lines
    PI            Punch Invalid
    PIBM          Pretend to be an IBM
    PIC           Print Illegible Characters
    PIC           Punch Invalid Character
    PIRI          Print In Red Ink
    PLSC          Perform light show on console
    PNRP          Print Nasty Replies to Programmer
    PO            Punch Operator
    PPA           Print Paper Airplanes
    PPL           Perform Perpetual Loop
    PPP           Print Programmer's Picture
    PPSW          Pack program status word
    PRS           PRint and Smear
    PSP           Print and Shred Paper
    PSP           Push Stack Pointer
    PSR           Print and Shred Ribbon
    QBB           Query Bit Bucket
    QWA           Quit While Ahead

    RA            Randomize Answer
    RAM           Reorganize and Abort Monitor
    RASC          Read And Shred Card
    RAST          Rewind And Stretch Tape
    RAU           Ridicule All Users
    RBAO          Ring Bell and Annoy Operator
    RBG           Random Bug Generate
    RBLY          Restore Backup from Last Year
    RBT           Read & Break Tape
    RCAJ          Read Card And Jam
    RCB           Read Commands Backwards
    RCB           Run Clock Backwards
    RCC           Read Card and Chew
    RCCP          Randomly Corrupt Current Process
    RCF           Rewind Cabinet Fans
    RCKG          Read Count Key and Garbage
    RCR           Rewind Card Reader
    RCRV          Randomly Convert to Reverse Video
    RCSD          Read Card & Scramble Data
    RD            Rewind Disk
    RDA           Refuse to Disclose Answer
    RDD           Reverse Disk Drive
    RDF           Randomize Directory Filenames
    RDI           Reverse Drum Immediate
    RENVR         Rename Variables Randomly
    RET           Read and Erase Tape
    RIC           Rotate Illogical thru Carry
    RID           Read Invalid Data
    RIR           Read Invalid Record
    RIRG          Read Inter-Record Gap
    RIRG          Rewrite Inter-Record Gap [random replacement of simil-
                   ar mnemonic"
    RLC           Re-read last card
    RLC           Relocate and Lose Core
    RLI           Rotate Left Indefinitely
    RLP           Refill Light Pen
    RLP           Rewind Line Printer
    RM            Re-initialize Meter
    RM            Ruin My files [UNIX]
    RMI           Randomize Memory Immediate
    RMV           Remove Memory Virtues
    RN            Read Noise
    RNBS          Reflect Next Bus Signal
    RNR           Read Noise Record
    ROD           ROtate Diagonally
    ROM           Read Operator's Mind
    ROOP          Run Out Of Paper
    ROPF          Read Other People's Files
    ROS           Reject Op System
    ROT           Rotate Disk [fixes broken drives]
    RP            Read Printer
    RPAB          Read Print And Blush
    RPB           Raise Parity Bits
    RPB           Reverse Parity & Branch
    RPD           Return Postage Due
    RPM           Read Programmer's Mind
    RPU           Read character and Print Upside down
    RRB           Read Record and Blush
    RRC           Rotate Random thru Carry
    RRRA          Read Record & Run Away
    RRRL          Random Rotate Register Left
    RRSG          Round and Round She Goes...
    RS            Random Slew
    RSD           Read and Scramble Data
    RST           Rewind and Stretch Tape
    RST           Rust
    RT            Reduce Throughput
    RT            Reverse Throughput
    RTR           Return To Register
    RTS           Return To Sender
    RWRT          Read While Writing While Ripping Tape
    SAC           stop air conditioner
    SAD           Seek And Destroy
    SAF           Sit And Flicker
    SAI           Skip All Instructions
    SAS           Sit And Spin
    SC            Scramble Channels
    SC            Shred Cards
    SCB           Spindle Card and Belch
    SCCA          Short Circuit on Correct Answer
    SCH           Slit Cards Horizontal
    SCI           Shred Cards Immediate
    SCOM          Set Cobol-Only Mode
    SCRRC         SCRamble Register Contents
    SCST          Switch Channel to Star Trek
    SCTR          Stick Card To Reader
    SD            Scramble Directory
    SD            Slip Disk
    SDC           Spool Disk to Console
    SDDB          Snap Disk Drive Belt
    SDE           Solve Differential Equations
    SDI           Self Destruct Immediately
    SEB           Stop Eating and Burp
    SEX           Set EXecution register [a real instruction for the RCA
    SEX           Sign EXtend
    SFH           Set Flags to Half mast
    SFT           Stall For Time
    SFTT          Strip Form Tractor Teeth
    SHB           Stop and Hang Bus
    SHCD          SHuffle Card Deck
    SHIT          Stop Here If Thursday
    SHON          Simulate HONeywell CPU [permanent NO-OP]
    SHRC          SHRed Card
    SHRT          SHRed Tape
    SID           Switch to Infinite Density
    SIP           Store indefinite precision
    SKIP          don't SKIP
    SLD           Slip Disk
    SLP           Sharpen Light Pen
    SLP           Sharpen Light Pencil
    SMC           Scramble memory contents
    SMD           Spontaneous Memory Dump(Use only with classified data)
    SMS           Shred Mylar Surface
    SMT           Stretch MagTape
    SNM           Show No Mercy
    SOAWP         SOlve All the World's Problems
    SOB           [a real PDP-11 instruction]
    SOD           Surrender Or Die!
    SOP           Stop and Order Pizza
    SOS           Sign Off, Stupid
    SP            Scatter Print
    SPA           Sliding Point Arithmetic
    SPD           Spin dry disc
    SPS           Smoke Power Supply
    SPSW          Scramble Processor Status Word
    SRBO          Set Random Bits to Ones
    SRBZ          Set Random Bits to Zeroes
    SRC           Skip to Random Channel
    SRCC          Select Reader & Chew Cards
    SRD           Switch to Random Density
    SRDR          Shift Right, Double Ridiculous
    SRO           Sort with Random Ordering
    SRR           Set Registers to Random values [ usually used prior to
                   a RET or RTS"
    SRR           Shift Registers Random
    SRSD          Seek Record & Scar Disk
    SRU           Signoff Random User
    SRZ           Subtract & Reset to Zero
    SSB           Scramble Status Byte
    SSD           Stacker Select Disk
    SSJ           Stacker Select & Jam
    SSJP          Select Stacker and Jump
    SSM           Solve by Supernatural Means
    SSP           Smoke and SPark
    SST           Stop and Stretch Tape
    ST            Set and Test
    STD           Stop, Take Drugs
    STN           Search Tree for Nut
    STPR          SToP Rain
    STTHB         Set Terminal to Three Hundred Baud
    SU            Stacker Upset
    SUI           Subtract User's IQ
    SUME          SUrprise ME
    SUP           Solve Unsolvable Problem
    SUR           Screw Up Royally
    SUS           Stop Until Spring
    SUS           Subract Until Senseless
    SWAT          SWAp Terminals
    SWN           SWap Nibbles
    SWOS          SWap out Operating System
    SWS           Sort to Wrong Slots
    SZD           Switch to Zero Density
    TARC          Take Arithmetic Review Course
    TBFTG         Two Burgers and Fries To Go
    TDB           Transfer & Drop Bits
    TDB           Transfer and Drop Bits
    TDS           Trash Data Segment
    TEP           Terminate with Extreme Prejudice
    TLNF          Teach me a Lesson I'll Never Forget
    TLO           Turn indicator Lights Off
    TLR           Transfer & Loose Return
    TLW           Transfer and Lose Way
    TN            Take a Nap
    TOG           Time Out, Graduate
    TOH           Take Operator Hostage
    TOOO          Turn On/Off Operator
    TOS           Trash Operating System
    TPD           Triple Pack Decimal
    TPE           Translate Programmer to EBCDIC
    TPDH          Tell Programmer to Do it Him/Herself
    TPO           Toggle Power On
    TPR           Tear PapeR
    TR            Turn into Rubbish [UNIX]
    TRA           Te Rdls Arvs [Type Ridiculous Abbreviations]
    TSH           Trap Secretary and Halt
    TSM           Trap Secretary and Mount
    TST           Trash System Tracks
    TT%CNK        TeleType - Clunk Noise
    TT%EKB        TeleType - Electrify KeyBoard
    TTA           Try, Try Again
    TTITT         Turn 2400 foot tape  Into  Two 1200 foot  tapes " Only
                   privileged users will get hubs on both tapes"
    TTL           Time To Log off
    UAI           Use Alternate Instruction set
    UCB           Uncouple CPU and Branch
    UCK           Unlock Console Keyswitch
    UCPUB         Uncouple CPU & Branch
    UER           Update & Erase Record
    UMR           Unlock Machine Room
    UNPD          Unplug and dump
    UOP           Useless Operation
    UP            Understand Program(mer)
    UT            Update Transaction
    UTF           Unwind Tape onto Floor
    UUBR          Use Undefined Base Register
    VAX           Violate All executions
    VNO           Violate Noise Ordinance
    VPA           Vanishing Point Arithmetic
    VVM           Vaporise Virtual Memory
    WAD           Walk Away in Disgust
    WC            Waste Core [UNIX]
    WCR           Write to Card Reader
    WGPB          Write Garbage in Process-control Block
    WHP           Wave Hands over Problem
    WI            Why Immediate
    WID           Write Invalid Data
    WLBB          Write-Lock Bit Bucket
    WNHR          Write New Hit Record
    WNR           Write Noise Record
    WPET          Write Past End of Tape
    WSE           Write Stack Everywhere
    WSWW          Work in Strange and Wondrous Ways
    WUPO          Wad Up Printer Output
    WWLR          Write Wrong Length Record
    XIO           eXecute Invalid Op code
    XKF           eXecute Kermit the Frog
    XMB           eXclusive MayBe
    XOH           eXecute no-Op and Hang
    XOR           eXecute OperatoR
    XOS           eXchange Operator's Sex
    XPR           eXecute Programmer
    XPSW          eXecute Program Status Word
    XVF           eXchange Virtue for Fun
    ZAP           Zero and Add Packed
    ZD            Zap Directory
    ZNL           Zero Next Location (opcode #0)
    ZPI           ZaP Immediate
    ZPT           Zero Page Tables
    ZZF           Zero Zero Flag
    ZZZ           hibernate indefinite