In everyday life, this word does exist
 But it appears in no book, no record or list
 It expresses love, hate, disgust or bad luck
 It's a four letter word, yes you've guessed it - 'Fuck'.

 As a verb it is transitive, active or passive
 The range of its use is, quite simply, massive
 'To fuck, I'm F**ked, F**k you!' Oh I say
 The number of times it is used every day!

 As a noble word it is no way respected
 But through every day use it is now quite accepected
 And in historic events both important and trivial
 It's use has been angry, sad or convivial!

 In the Garden of Eden, in the very beginning
 It was the same word that invented sinning
 If Adam hadn't said 'Let's fuck' to his mate
 The world wouldn't be in this terrible state!

 Then Jesus himself, as he hung on his cross
 The stories do say, was at a real loss
 'Oh dad, tell me, what the fuck have I done
 That you let this happen to your very own son?'

 More recently, Napoleon, Hitler and Hess
 All got themselves into a hell of a mess
 And as they tried vainly passing the buck
 Each spoke the emortal words 'Oh fuck!'

 Then in '69, the first man on the moon
 Neil Armstrong by name, a veritable goon
 He said 'Wow, I've come over all queer
 You know, theres no Fucking gravity here!'

 Then in the '80s, Maggie came to power
 Friend and foe alike were all made to cower
 And when the Argies the Falklands raided
 'Fuck them', she said and reinvaded!

 So you can see now that this word is still here
 It's used be the famous, the rich and the peers
 It's considered to be low, 'working class', and rude,
 Unsociable, unspeakable, derogatory and crude

 But listen to me, and hear what I say
 It's been here for years, and it's here to stay
 And if anyone complains or moans when you use it
 Tell them to 'Fuck off and die!'