How to Build a Nuclear Bomb

Well, actually I do now havew machine readable copies of 'Basement Nukes' and 'Kitchen Improvised Plastic Explosives' if anyone wants them....

Really though, nukes are a cinch. Eight kilos of U-235, 6 kilos of plastique (C-4), a piece of drainpipe and a detonator, though of course you do need a PP3 battery to detonate it which will cost about two quid.

|   |xxx|UUUU|----------------|UUUUU|  |
|   |xxx|UUUU|                |UUUUU| =|
|   |xxx|UUUU|                |UUUUU| =|

Where x is C-4, U is Uranium 235, and = is Uranium 238. You see, the U-238 will act as a neutron reflector to enhance the blast, and in addition a fair proportion will be converted to plutonium and enhance the fallout/.

Anyway, that's about 10 kilotons worth. Enough to keep any terrorist group happy. The main problem is cost, about $50million per kg. Still, in 1987 police in Khartoum found 30 kg of plutonium in a wharehouse, about 100 kts.

Think I'll make one one day,
Ratty 1989.

Reader Comments

Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 18:26:08 +0100

Hey, yo asshole,
you do not know nuthinŽ Žbout construction of A NUCLEAR BOMBS. So please do NOT
write about it on your sites. I know that I-net means full freedom and full
right to express yourself but when yar doinŽ  sumthing ya should to do it right
and not just from half. If you want to know something more about nuclear bombs
and waste etc. contact me. I m positive that you are not so big assman that you
will not listen to me.

Dr. George Kw!le Violet
Czech Charles university, nuclear power research.

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