Yet more new Hobbies for 1989
 1.  Stuffing banana skins
 2.  Making paper wellies
 3.  Designing hats for fasion shows made out of lightbulbs
	(You decide how to parse it!)
 4.  Build a minature model of the leaning tower of Piza out of icecubes
 5.  Breed underwear
 6.  Become a part-time god
 7.  Spray graffiti in invisible paint
 8.  Make your left wrist a parking zone between 23:59 Thusday & 00:00
 9.  Breed agressive pineapples
10.  Transform bureaucrats into gold using stale bread and tinned

Top 10 New project/hobby list
1. Start an aggressive political campaign to make the capital
   letter "F" into a vowel.
2. Walk up to strangers and say the word "forest" to them.
3. Pretend that you're the world's busiest airport.
4. Worship raisins.
5. Insult your pets.
6. Break into the Holy Shrine at Mecca, and scramble out on all fours
   with the tibia of whoever's buried there in your mouth. Explain to
   the authorities before your beheading that you are a little doggie.
7. Keep precise daily records of Samantha Fox's ever fluctuating bustline.
   Tatoo statistical summaries on your left buttock.
8. Walk away from people in the middle of conversations.
9. Incorporate the phrase "various Egyptian dieties" into your next
   technical report.
10. Raise Gandhi from the dead and dress him up like a Smurf.