The only reason I really  minded having hemophilia is because
     I had  to be very careful  opening windows and  around Ellen.
     She's this  woman who  wore clothing  with lots  of pins  and
     zippers.   She used  to keep her nails sharpened  to a point,
     she liked to scratch me at random moments as a surprise.  And
     she used to like  to rub up against me with  all her pins and
     zippers;  some of the pins were always open and I would start
     to bleed,  but she wouldn't stop it because she didn't really
     believe in hemophilia, or that I had hemophilia, or something
     like that.   Besides, at that point I was already tied up and
     could only argue.  She would bite and leave me bleeding under
     the skin.   Her greatest pleasure,   though,  was pricking me
     with her pins and tearing my skin with her teeth.   She would
     lick  the blood  up  and smear  it over  her  body and  mine.
     Sometimes she would rub on a thick layer over her breasts and
     let it  clot,  slowly as it  was,  building up layers  over a
     period of days.
     I should say that I don't  really have hemophilia,  it's just
     that my blood doesn't have enough clotting stuff in it and it
     takes a day  or so of bleeding  for a scab to  form.   So the
     small pinpricks and other slow-bleeding wounds weren't really
     that  dangerous,  but  I  had to  wear  red  shirts until  it
     stopped.  I had a lot of red shirts.
     When they developed a cure,  I started it immediately.   When
     it started  working,  I would  develop scabs within  three or
     four hours.
     Ellen     took     immediate     The next time we met,  Ellen
     advantage  of   the  change.     noticed  that my  blood  was
     She began to  prick me twice     clotting    more    quickly.
     as much  and twice  as hard,     "What's this?" she asked me,
     biting too.  I looked like a     "your blood has changed!"  I
     drug addict who had to shoot     admitted  that  I  had  been
     up hundreds of  times a day.     taking     these      pills.
     She  started taking  greater     "Disgusting!"   she    said,
     and greater  pleasure in  my     "I'll go find  myself a REAL
     blood.    At one  point  she     hemophiliac,     not    some
     refused to let me out of the     disgusting  half-hemophiliac
     wall  harness   and  I   was     who doesn't even know how to
     there,  with slices  from my     enjoy himself."   Leaving me
     armpits and knees,  bleeding     in the  wall harness  there,
     from  ten  thousand  wounds,     she left then.    I was only
     until  some   nosy  neighbor     released  because   she  had
     called the  police and  they     left the door  open when she
     broke in.  I visit her every     left, and the mailman looked
     day, but sometimes she won't     in and saw me  the next day.
     see me.   When she will, she     I sometimes see her in bars,
     pricks my  fingers with  her     but  she barely  gives me  a
     nails through the grating.       glance.