Here is a list compiled by asking many mothers, aunties and relatives
what is considered unhealthy practice for the young student of today.

The quite bad list:

	Black coffee
	Keeping a dog
	Wearing the same socks for more than two days running
	Bathing more than once a week
	Not cutting your toe nails straight across
	Sitting in the sun for too long
	Foodstuffs which contain fat, carbohydrate or ccholesterol

The very bad list:

	Loud music
	Not bathing often enough
	Not wearing a vest
	Wearing shoes that dont let your feet breathe
	Smoking, drinking and watching exiting films on television
	Foodstuffs which contain protein, minerals, vitamins or additives
	Thinking about 'it'

The very, very bad list:

	Television quiz shows
	Unexpected bad news
	Scuba diving
	Diving too fast
	Leaving the house without a clean hanky
	Having vaccinations

The really awful list:

	Driving too fast on bald tires
	Sitting around a lot doing nothing special
	Not listening to what people tell you
	Doing anything with asbestos
	Picking spots

The lethal list:

	Hang gliding
	Not cleaning your teath regularly
	Jumping off high buildings
	Not listening to what your mother says
	Driving too fast on bald tires when you've had too much to drink
	Looking at dirty pictures
	Doing 'it'