Address - Where a Byte lives in memory lane.Always Expressed as combinations
	  like C48A or B20E;this is the PC supposedly 'program counter'but
	  clearly is really the 'postcode'.

Bug     - Mistake in a program,occasionally called 'feature' by the

Byte    - Just enough space for one letter, or number below 255,i.e just one
          bit of information except that a byte is 8 bits.

CAD     - 'Computer Aided Design',the idea of doing your technical
	  drawing on computer instead of on a piece of paper,also stands for
          crude and disappointing.

Comms   - 'Communications' the idea that people can communicate with each
	  other over the phone by computer on common interests ,I.e comms

Data    - Information ,but easier for the manual writers to spell

Endless Loop - See 'infinite loop'

Envirionment - useless add-on word.Talk about MS-DOS but much more
               impressively 'MS-DOS environment',In the same way '
	       wimp environment','lotus environment' etc.

Files   - Any single thing stored on a disc: a program some data for a
	  program(e.g details on your stock of nails.. a nail file).

Hardware - The difference between hardware (equipment) and software(programs)
	   Is this:Hardware starts off working ok,but more and more things
	   go wrong the older it gets,software starts off full of bugs
	   but more and more of them get put right the older it gets.

Infinite loop - see 'endless loop'

K       - Kilobyte .measurement of space Equal to 1024 characters from the
	  greek kilo meaning 1000 ,because nobody knew what 1024 was in

Menu    - list of options you have at a point in a program ,Just like
	  a resturant menu -i.e everything has misleading names and what
	  you want is never availible

Modem  -  Device enabling your computer to link up to the phone network
          at great expense and enable you do things from your armchair
          like pay phone bills.

Mouse  - Hand size box which runs on a ball and moves a pointer on the screen
         -by clicking the mouse button you activate the thing pointed to.
         make people believe it is an acronym for Manually Operated Utility
         Selection Equipment'.Computer people really thought 'mice' look
         like mice,It Is'nt.
Recursion - see 'Recursion'

Technical support - The providing of free advice on how to use the program
                    by the suppliers after you've brought it .So called
  	            because,while they provide support technically,in
		    practice they are always engaged when you phone,and
		    when you do finally get through the've gone bust.

Rem - Line put in to the program which is not an instruction comprehensible
      to the computer.It is a remark equally incomprehensible to the
      programmer when they come to debug it months later.

ROM - Read Only Memory -two ROM's don't make a Write.

Upgrade - improved version of a program with the old bugs taken out and
	  new ones put in.