1) "East is East and West is West." Show, by shading, if this is a fact
   or only a brilliant conjecture.
   Criticise your answer in the light of the Midnight Sun.
2) Mt. Everest is 29,002 ft. high. Do you consider this sufficient?
3) At noon on the 21st of October show, by shading the eyes, how high
   the sun will be above the horizon
   a) At the Horizon,
   b) At noon on the 21st of October.
4) You are required to indicate by a dot the 50 Longest Towns and also
   the 4 Largest Rivers in N. America. Where would you put the dot?
5) (i) Would you mind putting your finger on
       a) An Archipelago ; b) A Volcano ; c) A Cactus Plant?
   (ii) Would you mind not drawing things on the Blotting-paper?
6) Explain in round terms your opinion of
   a) The Equator
   b) The problem of performed by the Globular Anomaly. (Compare with
      the Obsolete Spheroid.)
   c) Tapioca.
7) Draw a map of a Place and write (or draw) coal, tin, woolens,
   muffins, cushions, mesons, neutrinos, tapioca etc., all over the
8) The Annual Rainfall of the Isle of Mull is "100 inches continuous."
   Are you prepared to sit under this ?
9) "From the Sago Palm, 10 days labour will obtain enough sago to last
   a man for a year." But what use would the man be next year ?
10) What makes you think a) that the Panama Canal is a kind of connecticut
    joining N. and S. America ? b) that the captital of America is New
    York and c) that Immigrants turn back on seeing the gigantic Statue
    of Prohibition erected by President THingammy Hall ?
NB. Do not attempt to solve the energy crisis, BUT ATTEMPT NO MORE THAN