..There is another saying amongst those heros that I associate with:

	"If a man can stand tall and proud, he will not be afraid."
 And perhaps there is some truth in that, for if a man can stand tall and proud,
with a good weapon or two in his hands, a trusted banishment spell on his lips,
and his back against a wall, then his fear might lessen considerably. Even
better is the scenario where he has two or three hundred trusted allies at his
side, a nearby trap door for hasty escapes, and no enemy approaching for miles
around. It gets better still when you add a tidy sum stashed away in a handy
retirement account, the love of a good woman and a hiding place that no one else
has discovered in hundreds of years. Under such circumstances, fear could
conceivably be controlled. But don't count on it.

	- The teachings of Captain Chaos (a hero), Volume LV