Together Again!

 'Well we're back for another four weeks hols!'
Julian hugged his Aunt Fanny warmly. He was glad to be back at that little
cottage by the sea he so dearly loved.
 'It's so good to be here!' cried Anne, Julian's dear sister.
 'What's for tea, Aunt? ' asked Dick. 'I hope there is an enormous Ham and
lashings of Ginger Beer! Perhaps there will be strawberry ice-cream for
dessert too!'
 'Now now, calm down, my dears' said Aunt Fanny kindly. 'You know that your
Uncle Quentin is finding it difficult to make ends meet since the Gross
Indeceny charge. You will all have to make do with carrots.'
 'Never mind, ' said Julian wisely, 'they will be good Kirrin carrots!'
 'Woof!' agreed Timmy.

A Fine Idea
 'Oh I do wish we could do something else' sighed Anne. 'I am becoming a
bit bored sitting here for SO long!'
 'Ok, then my dear' said kindly Uncle Quentin, 'put your clothes back on
and we can have another session later on. You are a good model!'
 Anne put on her clothes quickly as Uncle Quentin put away his paints and
brushes. He really did seem to be enjoying painting. He always seemed to
be smiling behind that big canvas as his arms made long strokes across the
 'I know what we could do,' said Julian, who had been watching to make sure
that Anne was posed properly. 'We could go over to that abandoned Island
that George owns.
  George was their happy young cousin, whos REAL name was Georgina but she
liked to be called George to satisfy her lesbian tendencies.
 'Ooh no!' said Anne. 'We always have an awful adventure!'
 'Shut up' said Dick meanly. 'I vote we go and explore the Island and see
what we can find!'

The Abandoned Island

 The four children all piled down to the beach the very next day. Aunt Fanny
had given them a big box of carrot sandwiches and a bottle of Sea Water.
 'We had better boil that sea water before we drink it' said Julian 'else
we might catch a horrible disease!'
 'Like AIDS?' asked Anne.
 'No Anne, you only get AIDS through exchange of bodily fluids. You can't
get it through kissing or off toilet seats.' said George.
 'Oh thank goodness for that!' said Anne, releived.
 'And since you are a spotless virgin, you're not likely to have it, whereas
a stud like Julian should worry.' added Dick.
 'But I always wear a Condom' said Julian, 'so it's okay.'
The four firm young children jumped into the little boat that George kept
in the boatyard.
 Dick took the oars and soon they were all flying over the water.
 'Dick, switch off that Rocket Motor and use the oars,' said Julian,' there
are some dangerous rocks near here.'
The powerful majesty of Julian's voice was too much for Dick to resist.
He switched off the motor and the boat sank onto the waves. In fact the
boat hit a rock and sank right through the waves.
 'Blow!' said George. We've impaled the boat on these rocks!'
An Interesting Discovery

 'Wait a minute, George!' shouted Anne. Her keen eyes had spotted something
a bit odd.
 'What is it Anne?' asked Dick.
 'Down there, through the water, you can see a tunnel leading away towards
the shore!'
 'I say, Anne, you're right!' said Dick. 'I bet that it contains buried
 'Do shut up you pratt' said George.
 'I think that the tunnel leads about two miles back to shore, which would
mean that it came out just under that strange abandoned farmhouse we walked
past the other night!' said Julian excitedly.
 'Gosh, Ju, you are a brick' said George.
 'No, it's just my keys in my pocket' said Julian.
The Strange Tunnel

The children stripped off quickly in the boat. Geogre could not help staring at
the manly lines of Julian's erection. She imagined herself gently caressing his
member with baby oil whilst he gently explored her body with his tongue.
 Anne was first to dive off the boat and down into the cool waters of the
bay.The others soon followed. They swam skillfully down to the tunnel entrance.
 'gloop glug gla gla gla bleeeurgh' said Dick, pointing at the tunnel. He led
the way and the others followed.

A Mystery Solved

 They swam up the tunnel carefully. Its walls seemed to be made of a plastic
like material. There was a terrible smell throughout it.
 Suddenly something small, round and black hit Dick in the face. All at
once he realised what the tunnel was.
 'Glah glug gloooop BLEEEEURGH!' he cried.
The others all understood straight away. They had swum up a sewer pipe all
by mistake!
 Quickly they swam back to the boat and rowed back to the cottage. They
smelt from head to toe! What a mess they were in!
 'You bad children!' scolded Aunt Fanny. 'Didn't you notice that shiny new
sewage outlet station which serves the whole of the county where that abandoned
old farmhouse used to be?'
 'Oh shit!' said Anne.


 They all caught Cholera and died