Long ago there lived the wicked Count Grendle in the kingdom of Whovia.
He was a bad, bad man; he locked up Prince Adric in the tall, dark, obligatory
tower, stole the crown jewels and tried to poison the King's morning enema.
	Eventually he was caught and brought in chains before the (rather
discomforted) King.
	"Where have you hidden the crown jewels?" roared the King.
	"I'll tell you nothing" gloated the Count.
	"Right, off with his head" ordered the King.
	So Grendle was dragged to the guillotine and tied to the frame.  But as
the lever was pulled, he changed his tune and screamed
	"No, no, I'll tell everything!", but it was too late and his head
rolled into the basket.
	And the moral?  It is of course,
		Never hatchet your Counts before they chicken.