Cemetery Sue

They say a hard man is always good to find,
If he's three days dead then Sue don't mind
Ask her what she wants and she'll say she'll have a
Dose of rigor mortis from a fresh cadaver.

If the hearse is rocking,
Then don't bother knocking,
Cos there's room in a coffin for two,
She's the undertaker's daughter,
No better than she oughta,
Be, that's Cemetery Sue.

If Sue can find a stiff with a damn great hard on,
The situation's grave if you'll beg my pardon,
He won't get buried till after he's been laid,
Cos the undertaker's daughter is a dead good maid.

An erection can be charming,
When after the embalming,
It stays up for a week or two,
There's more than one young lad,
Who's been laid upon the slab,
Thanks to Cemetery Sue.

At nights you'll find the casket will be tossing,
If a cold hard man is laid out in a coffin,
It's such a waste to proceed with decent burial,
Until he's given the last rites necrophilial.

In the funeral parlor,
Sue finds the men are harder,
And they stay like that for a while,
If their dick's gone wooden,
She knows she's got a good un,
She's a dedicated necrophile.

If there's something Sue really likes to handle,
It's a corpse all white with dick like a candle,
At the crematorium he won't go up in smoke,
Till Cemetery Sue has had a posthumous poke.

A corpse will never come,
But stays solid as a gun,
For as long she cares to ride,
He may be young or old
And his body may be cold,
But his dick will get warmed inside.

The police bring her corpses in a zip-lock body bag,
First they get autopsied and then they get a shag,
They may be lying silent with arms folded on their breast,
Dead men tell no secrets, and dead men get no rest:

Sue will have them all,
Till the maggots start to crawl,
As long as there's rigor in his prick,
Her passion is unfettered,
And the shagging is much better,
With a rock-hard week dead dick.

The cold of a corpse will ignite Sue's ardour,
She can always find a stiff at the funeral parlour,
Ask her what she wants and she'll say she'd rather
Have a dose of rigor mortis from a fresh cadaver.

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Pete Bevin, pete@petebevin.com