Just wanted to check out that you gnarly dudes are using the latest and
greatest software technology fer yer rad code to make it easy for the dudes who
have to read it.  The hip new way to write readable C code involves the use of
a few simple defines.

SayBro like, this is some rad shit, so CheckItOut

    a = b
    c = d

SayBro , like who needs help from them compiler choads anyway?
THIS is the way to write CLEAR code.  I mean really!  CheckItOut

like SayBro this is ShellSort straight out of the white book, but in
a readable form.

CheckItOut man

shell(v, n) SayBro sort v[0]...v[n-1] into increasing order CheckItOut
int v[], n;

like int gap, i, j, temp;

YoDude gap is n/2 an as long as gap > 0 Do some shit an make gap /=2 OK
    YoDude i is gap an as long as i < n Do some shit an make i++ OK
        YoDude j is i - gap an as long as j >= 0 AND v[j] > v[j+gap] Do some
            shit an make j -= gap OK
                temp is v[j]      an
                v[j] is v[j+gap]  an
                v[j+gap] is temp

SayBro like, B there OB square!  CheckItOut