Blakes 7 - some classic quotes.
"I'm in Hell, and it's full of Avons." (Vila)

"What would you know about conscience?"
"Only what I've read." (Avon)

"What would you like, Cally?  Name it, and it's yours." (Vila)
"A necklace, Vila.  Made from your teeth." (Cally)
"I'm not expendible, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going!" (Avon)
"Logic says we're dead." (Avon)
"Logic has never defined what dead is." (Blake)
"On my planet there is a saying, `The man who trusts can never be
betrayed, only mistaken.'" (Cally)
"Life expectancy must be fairly short among your people." (Avon)
"He has one reliable flaw: loyalty." (Travis, on Blake)
"Do you agree?" (Blake)
"Do I have a choice?" (Avon)
"Yes." (Blake)
"Then I agree." (Avon)
"Blake would've been proud of you, you know." (Vila)
"I know, but then he never was very bright." (Avon)
"Regret is part of being alive." (Avon)
"Sentiment breeds weakness, let it get hold of you and you are dead."
"I have never understood why it is necessary to become irrational in
order to prove that you care, or why it should be necessary to prove
it at all." (Avon)
"Death is something that he and I faced together on a number of
occasions.  I always thought that his death and mine might be linked
in some way." (Avon, on Blake)
"I think I have just made the biggest mistake of my life." (Vila)
"It is unlikely.  I would predict there are far greater mistakes
waiting to be made by someone with your obvious talent for it." (Orac)
"There is something very suspicious about a man who keeps
his booze under lock and key." (Vila)
"This is stupid." (Vila)
"When did that ever stop us." (Avon)
"I've got this shocking pain right behind the eyes." (Vila)
"Have you considered amputation?" (Avon)
"I am not interested in trying to compensate for your amazing lack
of observation." (Orac)
"A statement of fact cannot be insolent." (Orac)
"May you die alone and silent." (Cally)
"What did I do to deserve this?" (Vila)
"How long a list would you like?" (Avon)
"They're unfriendly, which is fortunate really; they'd be
difficult to love." (Avon)
"I have never taken things on trust.  I see no reason to make an
exception in the case of a mysterious area of danger." (Avon)
"Why should I find nothing frightening?" (Vila)
"Hope is very dangerous." (Servalan)
"Staying with you requires a degree of stupidity of which I no longer
feel capable." (Avon)
"Now you're just being modest." (Blake)
"They don't like humanoids in general and homo sapiens in
particular.  That puts their intelligence in no doubt." (Avon)
"We've come at the worst possible time, of course." (Avon)
"What went wrong?" (Blake)
"I relied on other people." (Avon)
"Luck has nothing to do with it." (Avon)
"I don't think I want to kill for your entertainment." (Blake)
"I've seen friends die." (Blake)
"You just don't get off a spaceship and run." (Avon)
"They would have to destry the evidence, and that would include us."
"He was calling me a machine, but since he undoubtably
defines himself as a human being, I shall chose to accept
that as more of a complement than anything else." (Avon)
"It's the one talent we all share, even you." (Avon, to Vila on dying)
"It is frequently easier to be honest when you have nothing to lose."
"Blake will return." (Cally)
"You can bet your life on it.  In fact, you've just bet both
our lives on it." (Avon)
"Personally, I don't care if the whole planet turns into a
mushroom.  I shall stay because I don't like an unsolved
mystery." (Avon)
"Raffert was dying.  It's difficult to be neat under those
circumstances." (Avon)
"For what it's worth, I've always trusted you from the beginning."
(Blake to Avon)
"Leave me a torch.  I like to see what I'm scared of." (Vila)
There isn't a lock I can't open, if I'm scared enough." (Vila)
"Good, terrific, I'm really looking forward to this.  Danger,
excitment, sudden death, I can't wait." (Vila)
"Doesn't it make you feel good to be wanted? (Avon)
"I've been a wanted man all my life.  What I need now is to
be unwanted." (Vila)
"It would be stupid to be shot up by our own allies." (Avon)
"Not only stupid, painful." (Vila)
"See, the old magic's still there." (Vila)
"The old ego too." (Avon)
"You don't get another guess." (Avon)
"Waste any more time and you won't get any older." (Avon)
"You expect me to believe that?" (Del Grant)
"Not particularly.  But it happens to be the truth." (Avon)
"If there had ever been a time when I could have given my
own life to save her I would have done it." (Avon)
"Blake is an idealist; he cannot allow himself to think." (Avon)
"Be polite and I may let you live." (Travis)
"Be informative and I may let you die.  You'll want that, after I've
shot off an arm and a leg or two." (Avon)
"I thought you were the one with brains." (Travis)
"Brains, but no heart.  Now talk or scream.  The choice is yours."
"You killed someone he loved." (Dayna, to Shrinker)
"And there aren't many of them about.  Avon's not a very loveable man."
"You've decided to be led like the rest of us?" (Vila)
"I shall continue to follow.  It's not quite the same thing." (Avon)
"I don't see the difference." (Vila)
"I didn't really think that you would." (Avon)
"Trust is only dangerous when you have to rely on it." (Avon)
"Why should I trust you?" (Shrinker)
"Because I have the gun!" (Avon)
"I'm a man of my word.  In the end, that's all there is really." (Avon)
"Go to hell, Avon." (Servalan)
"Probably." (Avon)
"I am entitled to my own opinion." (Vila)
"Yes, but it's your constant assumption that everyone else
is also that's so annoying." (Avon)
"The Plain Man's Guide to Alien Invasion." (Avon)
"That's like talking to Vila, a complete waste of time." (Avon)
"On Earth it is considered ill mannered to kill your friends
while committing suicide." (Avon)
"It's a question of intelligence, so your opinion has very
little relevance." (Avon)
"Never argue with a computer." (Avon)
"Justify 'stupid'." (Avon)
"Does he always kill when taken by surprise?" (Clonemaster on Travis)
"There is no rational basis for the concept you call luck." (Avon)
"By all means, let's be careful." (Blake)
"Gung ho." (Avon)
"I said it was our only chance.  I did not say it was a good one."
"What's the point of being famous if you can't get a last
minute booking?" (Vila)
"I would prefer something a little more reliable than hope." (Avon)
"While there's life, there's threat." (Servalan)
"'Just try trusting me.'  That's weak even by his standards." (Avon)
"Do we fight?" (Dayna)
"Certianly not.  We run!" (Avon)
"I plan to live forever--or die trying." (Vila)
"Space, `the final frontier,' as it was once called." (broadcast
"What weighs 70 kilos?!?" (Avon)
"Vila weighs 273 kilos." (Orac)
"...Vila......Vila?...Vila, come here.  I need your help." (Avon)
"As you're so fond of saying, you're always safe with me." (Avon to
"So Avon, what does it feel like to be a god?" (Blake)
"I would think you'd know." (Avon)
"I presume you have no tedious scruples about cheating and lying."
"None at all." (Tarrant)
"Oh good." (Avon)
"You know the worst thing about Orac?" (Avon)
"He's too useful to destroy." (Dayna)
"Irritating, isn't it?" (Avon)
"I'm very sorry, Master, but that WAS the backup system." (Slave)
"Natural leaders are rarely encumbered with intelligence.  Greed,
egotism, animal cunning, and viciousness are the important
attributes, qualities I detect in you in admirably full measure." (Egrorian)
"I didn't come here to be flattered." (Avon)
"You needed a figurehead.  He was it, or am I wrong?" (Soolin)
"You're right, but then figureheads aren't too difficult to come by.
Any idiot can be one." (Avon)
"On your feet, Vila.  This could be your big moment." (Dayna)
"Any idiot within reason, that is." (Avon)
"Idealism is a wonderful thing.  All you need is someone rational to put
it to use." (Avon)

"A little hard work never hurt anyone." (Vila)
"How would you know?" (Tarrant)
"I am certainly glad to see the last of them." (Orac)
"Confirmed." (Zen)
"Do you really think that you can dock us?" (Avon)
"I hadn't really considered it." (Tarrant)
"What?!?" (Avon)
"I thought we'd all be dead by now." (Tarrant)