In ye olde days of King Arthur, a young maid by the name of Nelly came of age,
and so her father arranged a debs ball for her coming out into society. As she
entered the ball, her eyes locked with those of a Knight of the Table Round,
one Sir Gus, and it was love at first sight(innit good!!). However, in love as
they were, Nelly's father would not allow them to marry, as he was sure Nelly
could do much better for herself.
	Thus, the two lovers formed a suicide pact(what a waste!)...they both
dressed in battle armour(kinky!!) and went down to the moat. Nelly's punt lay
waiting for them, and they climbed in and punted out to the deepest part of the
lake. This was i...the end of all their dreams(are you crying yet?? Why not,
have you no soul!!). Nelly bid her lover one last farewell, took up Gus's
mighty battleaxe(Battle Axe +4, +3 damage, Slay evil punts, for all those die-
hard AD&D players out there in Europe), and drove it through the floor of the
punt. Embracing, they drowned in each other's arms(Kind of gets ya where it
hurts, don't it??).
	A wandering minstrel serf had seen all this(as he was wandering along
with his serf-board), and he ran to Nelly's father to tell him the news. No,
not the nine o'clock news, you fool, the news of the goings on in the moat.
	Nelly's father saw the look in the minstrel's eyes, and bade him sing
of his tidings. The minstrel took out his lute, plucked a few soulful chords,
and sang:-

	(wait for it........)

"Sire, sire....Nelly the debutant axed her punt and said goodbye to her
Sir Gus......"