Orlando's Octogenarian Orang-Utan Orgasmatron
Wanda's Wonderful Wig of the Whimsical Wranglers
Mavis Mumford's Multiple Marmoset Magnifier
Muldoon's Miraculous Misinformed Magpie Magnetiser
Mellany's Marvelous Materialisation of the Macroid Toe
Samuel's Scintilating Skid-marks for Sequestrious Siblings
Graham's Gargantuan Gargling Guppy
Roger Richards and his spacetime Rabbit
Simpkin's Spangle of Spurious Sponsorships
Charlie and his Changeling Chisel
Mike and his Misplaced Marble Multiplier
James and his Jingly little Jam Jar Jungle
Doctor Kev and his Kicking K Calculus
Larry's Large Loophole Laboratory
Percival's Pontificating Parametric Priests
Taffy Holloway and his Phase Shifted Psycho Circus
Hank Cortez and his Amazing Undulating Poultry Furnace
Nob the Nobert and his Nobby Spectacular
Oscar's Oscillating Ostritch Omlette
Olly's Overflowing Orange Orifice
Tim and his Topographic Torsion Tokens
Bill's Brilliant Boss-eyed Boa Constrictor
Ermintrude's Ergodic Eccentric Egg Elongator
Ferdinand's Fantastic Fishing Colloquium
Doc Cousins' Velvet Virgin Inquisition
Dr. Dan and his Amazing Performing Vetinary Consortium
Captain Garth's Magnificent Municipal Mormon Ministry
Mr Cousins' Wondrous Dissappearing PhD
Arnold and his Acrobatic Apple Arena
Collin's Curious Charismatic Chisel
Dickson's Devillish Demonstrating Dipstick
Eddie's Enchanting Edible Ego
Harry the Horse and his Horrendous Harbingers of Halitosis
Ian and his Incipient Igloo Inheritance
Jim's Jolly Jay-walking Giraffe
Sam's Sickening Sawdust Spectrum
Quentin's Quintessential Quacking Quale Questioner
Me and My Meatballs
Vernon and his Villanous Vegetating Variable Voltage Vissiscitudes
Clive's Curious Caterpillar Condition
Monty's Mysterious Mole Compendium
Willy's Wavering Wonky Wombat Warmers
Uncle Ugbert and his Unanimous Undue Urinals
Yellow Yosemete and his yard-long Youthful Yoke of Yearning
Prucilla's Peculiar Periapt of Perpetual Panther Pantechnicons
Billy and his Bouncing Bed-pan Bonanza