Adventure Locations

The start:
You are standing on a ledge half way up the cliffs of Yazz. The Wicked
Plastic men are coming up after you.
Exits: The only way is up.

> up
You go up.
There is a tree by a river and a hole in the ground,
where an old man of aaron goes round and around.
Exits: down the hole.

  You climb out of the large, dark, blueish - metallic balloon
(slightly oblong, too!)...
  You are standing in a large field, with a staircase leading up.

What now? up staircase

  You climb the Stairway To Heaven.
The stores are all closed. The levee has broken, to reveal four sticks.

What now? out

  You meet a Dio and AC/DC fan, you dream evil, hear Hell's bells and promptly
go down. You are now in sweet home Alabama, and see seven rotund American
Rockers holding a cage with a parrot in.

What now? free bird

  He takes his broken wings and learns to fly again.

What now? help

  I need somebody.

What now? Go West

  You close your eyes, and head west.
  You arrive at a unkempt palace. The Queen is spending a day at the races.
There are many servants chewing the dirty carpet.

What now? nibble floor

  Another one bites the dust. As you do so in comes Chrissie Hynde, the
great Pretender. Following her is a west-country farmer, Polish born,
 paying his tythes (the Pole Tax).

What now? ask farmer "how old am I?"

  The farmer says " You be forty ", and runs back out. The chef runs out from
the refectory shouting "there's a rat in the kitchen".

What now? tell chef "use cat"

  The chef says "curiosity killed the cat".

What now? ...
(to be do be doo wah continued...)

[I take no responsibility for this addition - sweh]